Load-in and Load-out Signup

If you wish to signup for Load-in and Load-out, please read the rules below. Things have changed dramatically from previous years due to the radical Re-organization of Storage in 2022. (For those of you who haven’t seen the magic, we highly suggest you look at the General thread in Slack). Because practically everything the Convention owns is on wheels now, we do not need the same massive army of people at the unit; just a handful of dedicated folks.

1. Space is limited to a total of 10 people (outside of the Core Logistics crew who have previously RSVP’d with Amanda for the Weds and Thursday and Sunday trips). We will choose the applicants according to their availability.

2. If you wish to be eligible for a free Thursday or Sunday night hotel room, you MUST SIGN UP FOR BOTH LEGS of the storage trip; working both at the Storage Unit, and at the Gaylord.

3. If you can only sign up for one leg of the storage run on either or both days, that’s ok! You will not be eligible for a free room, but we will be happy to buy you lunch instead.


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