Dress Code & Weapons Policy

     Final approval of all costumes, props and weapons are up to NDK Ops Staff

    Dress Code:

    • Shoes are required on the convention floor. 
    • Upper Body Coverage: Every body must have 60% of both sides of their chest covered, period. Pasties are not enough coverage. 
    • Tops must be secured, and not fly open if you are walking or moving. Vests or capes that do not have 60% front upper body coverage are not acceptable. 
    • Bare Abdomens and bare backs are allowed.
    • Bottom coverage: As with tops, at least 60% of your behind must be covered by your clothing. If you have to pull down your costume to maintain the coverage requirements, you’re not wearing enough. No thongs.
    • Mesh, and See-through Clothing: You must still wear the minimum requirement of opaque coverage underneath all transparent clothing. No lingerie costumes.
    • Anatomically correct and sexually explicit images on clothing are not allowed.
    • Dance Belts: All persons wearing tight fitting costumes are required to wear a dance belt. We should not be able to see your anatomy. 



    • Large Costume pieces: Attached costume elements should not extend more than 1 foot from the body at your feet, arms or torso. Please be mindful of the people around you, and use common sense when moving around with large costumes. 
    • Wings should extend no more than 2.5 feet away from the body. If your wings are retractable, please keep them collapsed until you are in an open area.
    • No Signs are allowed, even if it relates to your character. 
    • Metal Props are not allowed, including metal bats, pipes, oversized tools, shovels, stop signs, etc. Handcuffs, leashes, and chains over 6 inches long are strictly prohibited. 


    Weapons Policy:

    To maintain the safety of all NDK attendees, the following Weapons rules will be enforced throughout the convention. Please read all of the policies below before bringing a weapon to NDK. 

    • All prop weapons must be taken to the Prop Check Desk  to be peace bonded as soon as you arrive at NDK. This is located inside the NDK Registration/Badge Pickup hall. 
    • We reserve the right to refuse any weapon on the convention floor for any reason. The Ops department has the final say.
    • If you are caught fighting or  brandishing any prop in a threatening manner (even if you’re joking around), your badge will be punched, and you will be asked to take your prop off the convention floor.

    Real Guns:  No firearms are allowed at NDK. Police will be notified if firearms are brought onto the premises, and you will be banned from the convention permanently. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license.

    Ammunition: No real or realistic-looking ammunition or incendiary devices are allowed.

    Prop Guns, (realistic shape): Absolutely no metal prop guns of any kind.  All prop guns must have orange tips. The body of all prop guns must be painted a light, non-realistic color. Colors not allowed are: black, grey, silver, gold, brown, metallic, and any color of camouflage. Metallic accent colors are allowed if it is less than 10% of the total body of the prop gun. We should be able to tell your prop gun isn’t real from a 50-foot distance.

    Airsoft and Paintball Guns: Cannot have working parts, and must be painted a light unrealistic gun color.

    Prop Guns, (non-unrealistic) If the weapon is non-realistic in appearance, any shade of body color is acceptable.

    Metal Swords, Knives and Throwing Weapons: No metal swords, blades or throwing weapons are allowed, including shuriken and boomerangs, or items that look like them. Pocket knives are allowed if the blades are 4 inches or less.

    Weapons Purchased in the Dealers Room:  If you purchase a realistic weapon from a dealer, you must put it in your car or room immediately and keep it in its original packaging.

    Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, etc.: Are allowed, but must be peacebonded.

    Bows and Arrows:  Bows and arrows are allowed, however: no tips on the arrows, and all bows must remain unstrung for the entirety of the convention. You may hold the arrow in place for pictures with the bow unstrung.

    Whips: Are allowed, and must be kept coiled up on the hip. 

    Mostly non-metal prop weapons: Weapons and props with a metal handle, or hilt are allowed. (ex: a Lightsaber or wooden sword)