Shopping at NDK


One of the best parts of the convention experience is the awesome NDK Exhibitors Hall!  Our hall boasts over 80,000 square feet of convention space dedicated to all of our amazing vendors.  The Exhibitor’s Hall is comprised of the Dealers Room, and Artist Alley.

NDK is proud to offer a completely bootleg-free and swipe-free Exhibitor’s Hall. It is our wish to offer legitimate merchandise and original art to our attendees in order to honor the artists and creators that produced each item.

In the Dealers room, you can find licensed merchandise including, posters, plushies, kimonos, wallscrolls, figurines, models, apparel, and much more!

Artist Alley is comprised of indpendent artists and studios, both local and national. The items sold can vary from handmade crochet animals to  original prints, jewelry, and anything else you can imagine.

Please note that no photography is allowed of the tables in the Exhibitor’s space.