2024 Guests of Honor 

A special thanks to our friends at Powell Talent for helping us with our guests this year! All Guest Schedules are subject to change depending on availability. Please check the print schedule at the convention for confirmed appearance times. 

Kikuko Inoue was born on September 25 in Kanagawa prefecture. She has an amazing career as a voice actress, singer and narrator.

You may heard her voice from various anime such as Ranma 1/2 (Kasumi Tendo), Ah! My Goddess (Belldandy), Please Teacher! (Mizuho Kazami), Cells At Work! (Macrophage), Fairy Tail (Minerva Orland), Fullmetal Alchemist (Lust) and more. In video games, she covered the voice in  Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (The Boss), Death Stranding (Amelie), Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Venat / Hydaelyn), Biohazard Village(Alcina Dimitrescu).

She is the founder and manager of the voice acting company, Office Anemone. She received the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 4th Seiyu Awards, and the Kazue Takahashi Award at the 10th Seiyu Awards.

Ms. Inoue will appear at NDK 2024 on Friday and Saturday only. All Autograph passes for Ms. Inoue’s Saturday Autograph session will be handled via lottery. Details will be announced on this process closer to NDK. 


Macy Anne Johnson is an American voice actor most well known for playing Shikimori in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, Swindler in Akudama Drive, Child Big Mom in One Piece, Emile in Spy X Family, Howan in Show By Rock! MASHUMAIRESH!!, Shouta in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, Mei in Hell’s Paradise, Chiyuki in Smile Down the Runway, and Kaede in Gal and Dino.

 Outside of acting, Macy stays in the world of anime as an ADR Scriptwriter. She has written the English dub scripts for Trigun Stampede, The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2,  More than a Married Couple, but Not Lovers, Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion, My Clueless First Friend, and many more!

 Macy has loved all things animated since she was tiny. She still credits SpongeBob Squarepants as one of the major reasons why she felt  inspired to dive into the fields of acting and writing. She grew up as a total theater kid and regrets to admit that at least fifty percent of her brain’s capacity is filled with the lyrics to show tunes. She got her first professional acting job her junior year of high school as the character Dreadful Doll Izanami in the video game SMITE. From that point on, she knew she was in love with voice over. In 2022, she graduated from college with a degree in theater performance.

 In her free time, Macy loves to play video games, bake cakes, write, and travel. If you want to be her friend, just mention Skyrim or Clannad: After Story. Follow Macy on Twitter @macyyyanne for updates!



Howard Wang is a voice actor, ADR director, and ADR script adapter. And an audio engineer. And also a video game developer. Howard has lent his voice to characters like Xie Lianin Heaven Official’s Blessing, Langa in SK8 the Infinity, Luka in Honkai: Star Rail, Narciso Anasui in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Hajime Kokonoi in Tokyo Revengers, Tsutomu Goshiki & Rintaro Suna in Haikyu!, Kenshin Himura in Rurouni Kenshin (2023), Sandalphon in the Granblue Fantasy franchise, Shihai Kuroiro/Vantadark in My Hero Academia, Piers in Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, Whitley Schnee in RWBY, Louis James Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot, Pelleas in Fire Emblem Heroes, Tatsuya Himuro in Kuroko’s Basketball, Wakiya Murasaki in Beyblade Burst Surge, Vinsmoke Ichiji in One Piece, Hikari in Octopath Traveler II, Yomi Hellsmile in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, and many more!

In terms of voice directing, Howard is the ADR director for the new dub of The Prince of Tennis series, and has assisted with titles like Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle, Gleipnir, Kemono Friends, and more. Writing wise, he’s adapted the scripts for various titles, such as Nichijou: My Ordinary Life.

As a video game developer, Howard got his degree in game design and previously worked at Riot Games as the VO Audio Designer on VALORANT. When all of the things mentioned above aren’t keeping him busy, Howard enjoys cooking, whaling in gacha games, and trying to get his cat to love him.



Marissa Lenti, best known as the voice of Moze (Borderlands 3), is a voice actor who you can also hear in anime roles like Malva (Pokémon Evolutions), Cocotte (Dragon Ball Super), Libra (Fairy Tail), Yuna (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear), Arue (Konosuba), Momoko Hyakushiki & Kuu (NANBAKA), Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers!), Mistress Sadie (One Piece), Ilse Langnar (Attack on Titan), among others! They’ve also appeared in many other video games, like Cookie Run:

Kingdom, Brawl Stars, HuniePop 2: Double Date, and more, as well as in animated shows like RWBY, Epithet Erased, and The Amazing Digital Circus.


When they’re not acting, they’re casting & directing for Sound Cadence Studios, with some oftheir most notable projects being directing the English dubs of the anime Kemono Friends, Tribe Nine, Gunbuster, and Kageki Shojo!!; and several more! To learn more about Marissa, check out their website at www.MarissaLenti.com or follow them on Twitter or Instagram (@MarissaLenti)!”



Oscar Seung  hails from Lausanne, Switzerland, and is a Dallas-based actor, violinist, pianist, opera singer, and music director. From film and television pilots to theater and voice overs, Oscar champions the representation of Asian Americans in media and the arts.

 Oscar can currently be seen in We Can Be Heroes (Netflix), directed by Robert Rodriguez, A Cowgirl’s Song (Netflix), and The Turkey Bowl (Hulu), directed by Greg Coolidge. He also guest co-starred in the ABC pilot, False Profits, starring Vanessa Williams and Bellamy Young.

 Anime/video game voiceover highlights: Attack on Titan (Varis), One Piece (Daruma), Ayaka (Kurama), Ranking of Kings (Mitsumata, Borderlands 3 (Nettle), Yuri on Ice (Seung-Gil Lee), Free! (Nao Serizawa), Why Raeliana (Nick Maddox). and more.

 Theater: World Premiere of The Supreme Leader (Kim Jong-Un), Dallas Theater Center, The Sound of Music (Baron Elberfeld, u/s Captain Von Trapp), Dallas Theater Center, The Ballad of Little Jo (Tien Mien), Watertower Theater, Dora, the Explorer Live! (Benny), Casa Manana, Miss Saigon, Casa Manana.


Twitter: @oscarseung  Instagram: @theoscarseung  imdb.me/oscarseung


Brianna has been singing and acting on stage for over 20 years. Developing a character and bringing it to life for an audience has always fed her creative soul. You can often find her performing on stage with various theaters in DFW. 
She started her voice acting journey in 2013 and fell in love with the art and challenge of bringing words to life in a natural and interesting way. She made her anime debut in 2018 and has voiced characters in many shows since then. She is best known for voicing Arthur Pencilgon/Towa in Shangri-La Frontier, Sakura in Urusei Yatsura, Hyura in Helck, Capt. Kayoko Huang in Fire Force, Miranjo in Ranking of Kings, Galette in One Piece, Yuriko Tsumura in Smile Down the Runway and Grammi in Fairy Tail to name a few. She has also lent her voice to titles such as My Hero AcademiaFruits Basket, Attack on TitanMobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Sweet ReincarnationAyakaThe Eminence in Shadowand many more! You can also hear her in video games such as Kaida in Diablo IV, Belvedance in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Sea Nymph Sol, Crystal Gaze Medusa and Ragnarok Hera in the video game SMITE. . Additionally, she is an audiobook narrator.
She holds a Communications Degree in Digital Media and has worked in the industry in many different roles; actor, producer, photographer and talent agent. She’s gained a rounded view of the industry based on her experience in various positions. She is easy to work with and strives for excellence in all she does.  

Outside of voice acting and theatre, Brianna likes reading, photography, being out in nature and horses. She also loves marine biology and considers herself an amateur aquarist and enjoys caring for her 60 gallon tank of tropical fish.  She also particularly loves chocolate chip cookies, waffles and coffee.




 Cole Feuchter is an Androgynous Voice Actor based out of Dallas, Texas. They have worked extensively in the voice over industry since 2017, having lent their voice to several anime, numerous mobile games and even audiobooks and commercials.

 Known for voicing Tada Tomonari in BLUELOCK, Marcel in SAVING 80000 GOLD as well as Wheel in ONE PIECE, They can also be heard as Yoshio Asakura (ISHIDA & ASAKURA), Naoto Hamasaki & Archer Springfield (CAMP BUDDY), Lenga Valentine (FULL SERVICE).  They can even be heard in the anime dubs of VINLAND SAGA, BUDDY DADDIES, THE SAINT’S MAGIC POWER IS OMNIPOTENT, THE CASE STUDY OF VANITAS, CHAINSAW MAN and more.

Cole is also fluent in Japanese, earning their degree at the University of North Texas, and outside of voice work, they are also a content creator under the moniker ”The Retrocade” and was even one of the creators for GAMESTOP TV frequently featured in the “All-In” segments. Cole has also taught, and still offers, Japanese classes/lessons online and in-person for groups or individuals.

 Outside of voice over and sharing their love and knowledge of Japanese language and culture, Cole also finds joy in creating their own works of art. Be it hand drawn creations or handmade jewelry, it’s a joy they look forward to sharing with anyone and everyone who may be interested.


Kiba Walker  is an actor, musician, and drag performer based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Known for his roles in anime such as PHANTOM OF THE IDOL (Yuya Niyodo), MY HERO ACADEMIA (Cider House), ONE PIECE (Jo, Dachoman), BLUELOCK (Young Barou), HAIKYUU!! (Koganegawa, Komi), HORIMIYA (Makio Tanihara), 86:EIGHTY SIX (Erwin Marcel), THE TITAN’S BRIDE (Caius Lao Bistail), BLACK CLOVER (Paplo Espuma), SHANGRI-LA FRONTIER (Branch), REIGN OF THE SEVEN SPELLBLADES (Tim Linton), SUGAR APPLE FAIRY TALE (Valentine), BOFURI! (Christmas Rose), REINCARNATED AS A SWORD (Cruise Riouselle), OSHINOKO (LoveNow Director), SACRIFICIAL PRINCESS AND THE KING OF BEASTS (Young Leonhart), TOMODACHI GAME (Manabu), THE HEIKE STORY (Kiyotsune), EDENS ZERO (Foote Brother), SASAKI AND MIYANO (Higure), CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE (Beppu), SAINT SEIYA (Scylla-Io), JUNJI ITO COLLECTION (Tsukano Ryou), and many others.  In video games, you can hear him in GENSHIN IMPACT, TINY TINA’S WONDERLANDS, DRAGONHEIR, LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX, CONTRA RETURNS, CAMP BUDDY, FULL SERVICE, TO TRUST AN INCUBUS, SINSATIONS, SINSATIONS 2, EARTHLOCK, to name a few.

 He’s a former GAMESTOP TV host and correspondent, has worked with MATTEL, and runs a streaming channel and podcast with his partner, COLE FEUCHTER, called THE RETROCADE and FILE SELECT respectively.

 Kiba also is a full time drag performer named SALEM MOON, who has a traveling convention show called READY PLAYER DRAG, an all-ages drag event that mixes fandom and drag


Risa Mei is a singer, voice actress, motion capture artist, and suit actress with dwarfism based out of Los Angeles, CA. She started singing and dancing at the age of 7 and toured around Southern California, New York, and Las Vegas as both a soloist and with various sing and dance groups. During high school, she created a Youtube for music and singing (www.Youtube.com/LoveRisaMei). After graduating high school, she went on to study at Azusa Pacific University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

 During college she became the lead singer of punk rock band Psycho Bando and performed at various events in Southern California, including Anime Expo. She then went on to co-create 4TE (www.Youtube.com/user/4TEOfficial), a remotely created Japanese electronic pop girl group and released three singles, all while living and performing in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan where she performed for shows like The Amazing Sesame Street – a stunt show, the One Piece Premiere Show and events, and Halloween Horror Nights.

 Upon her return to California, Risa joined the Jim Henson Company’s cast of Word Party on Netflix as the motion capture and voice actress of Tilly the Tortoise, and then soon joined Funimation in a variety of shows including Sing A Bit of Harmony as the lead Satomi Amano, My Senpai is Annoying as Futaba Igarashi, and Shadows House as Rum and Shirley! You can also hear her in Eleven Art’s theatrical release House of the Lost On the Cape as Hiyori, Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact as Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt as Shiron.


R Bruce Elliot has been a professional actor for decades, working in theatre, film, TV, radio and commercials, not to mention the occasional bar mitzvah and tailgate party.  He started dubbing voices for anime at Funimation (now Crunchyroll) in 2003 and has continued ever since, having performed over 270 roles in nearly 250 anime shows and movies. 

From his first role as the bumbling detective Richard Moore in Case Closed, he has become known for his range and versatility in shows such as Attack on Titan, One Piece, Space Dandy, Fairy Tail, Samurai Seven, FullMetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z Kai (and Super) and Black Butler, and more recently in shows like Kingdoms of Ruin, Dead Mount Death Play, My Dress-Up Darling, Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Fire Force, and The Devil is a Part Timer. 

He can also be heard in movies like Empire of Corpses and Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest, plus numerous video games, including The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Aeon Flux, Orcs Must Die (1 & 2), Borderlands 2 & 3, and well over a dozen games in the Dragon Ball Z series as his favorite fearless idiot, Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force.


Wendy Powell  absolutely loves what she does, performing in all forms of media: film, television, radio, narration, and video games. But where her character-creating skills truly come to life is in anime! Mirroring the shapeshifting abilities of her iconic Fullmetal Alchemist role Envy, she changes her voice into anything and everything imaginable, including quirky robots, mysterious omnipotent aliens, little old fox ladies, wispy exorcists, and everyday human beings.

In 2000, Wendy first began working with Funimation as Amick Hendar in Blue Gender, and from there she just kept on going! Her most well-known roles include Ilena in Claymore, Mukuro in Yuyu Hakusho, Miss Merry Christmas in One Piece, and as a “guest star” Popuko in Pop Team Epic! Of course, Wendy’s vocal transformations can be heard in so much more, including My Hero Academia, Overlord, Space Dandy, Fruits Basket, Case Closed, D. Gray Man, Fairy Tail, Sengoku Basara, Prince Adventures, Sgt. Frog, and… well, how much time do you have, because at over 120 titles, this list could go on for a while…  Wendy has also performed in video games such as The Gunstringer, Bloodrayne 2, Spikeout: Battlestreet, and as the enigmatic “Watcher” in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. She confesses that, while she plays characters in video games… she’s kind of bad at actually playing video games. (^_^;)

Wendy’s passion for acting is matched only by her passion for teaching. For over a decade, she has taught middle school theater, grateful for the opportunity to educate and encourage young actors. She also loves meeting people at conventions, which lets her share her love of acting in person. When not behind the mic or in front of the classroom, Wendy enjoys the outdoors, reading nonfiction, and floral design. She lives in Dallas with her husband, her seven-year-old son, and a menagerie of animal companions: a black Labrador, a white German Shepherd, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, and a turtle (named Crusher).


Featured Panelists &

Cosplay Guests  

Jessica Cavanagh is a voice actor, theatre artist, and writer composed of many different geekdoms smooshed into one lady-body. A voice actor with Funimation Entertainment (now Crunchyroll!!) for the past decade, Jess can be heard in over 100 titles but is most known for her roles in fan favorites My Hero Academia (as Deku’s sweet mama, Inko Midoriya!), Fairy Tail (Aquarius), Attack on Titan (Carla Jaeger…another fierce mama!), One Piece (Curly Dadan…also kind of a mama? Wait, are we seeing a trend here??), Steins;Gate (Moeka), Black Butler (Paula), and Black Clover (Puli Angel). She can also be heard in Code:Breaker (Rui Hachiogi), Rolling Girls (Kaguya Nayotaki) Concrete Revolutio (Michiko Tozaki), Karneval (Iva), Katana Maidens (Akane Origami), Barakamon (Ikiko) and a slew of others.

As an ADR writer, she’s adapted hundreds of episodes of anime for an English-speaking audience. Some faves include Golden Kamuy, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Sakura Quest, My Senpai is Annoying, Smile Down the Runway, Kageki Shoujo, Banished from the Hero’s Party…, and Duke of Death and his Maid.

Her semi-autobiographical play, Self-Injurious Behavior, based loosely on her experience as the parent of her autistic son and favorite human, Elijah, was presented off-Broadway in NYC in spring of 2019, followed by a production in LA later that year, produced by Joe Mantegna.  Jessica is particularly passionate about telling women’s stories now that she’s actually tried it, she’s determined to spend the rest of her life doing as much of that as possible!

 Instagram: jessicacavanagh — Twitter: @JessMarieCav


Alisa Freedman is a Professor of Japanese Literature, Cultural Studies, and Gender at the University of Oregon. Her books include Tokyo in Transit: Japanese Culture on the Rails and Road, Japan on American TV: Screaming Samurai Join Anime Clubs in the Land of the Lost, an annotated translation of Kawabata Yasunari’s The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa, and co-edited volumes on Modern Girls on the Go: Gender, Mobility, and Labor in Japan, and Introducing Japanese Popular Culture (first and second editions). She is writing a new book on Cold-War Coeds: The Untold Story of Japanese Women Sponsored by the U.S. Military and editing Women in Japanese Studies: Memoirs from a Trailblazing Generation (forthcoming in 2023). From 2016 to 2022, she was the editor-in-chief of the U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal. 

Alisa has published more than thirty articles on Japanese modernism, Tokyo studies, educational exchange, study abroad, youth culture, gender, television, humor as social critique, teaching pedagogies, and digital media, along with publishing translations of Japanese literature and guides to academic publishing.

 She was the recipient of the University of Oregon 2016 Outstanding Faculty Advising Award, NACADA Award for Excellence in Faculty Advising (2017), and Excellence in Remote Teaching Award (2020 pandemic). Alisa enjoys presenting at cultural events like anime cons, TED talks, and Japanese Culture Festivals. 

At NDK, Dr. Freedman is our beloved resident Academic, famous for her incredible panels, and ability to make Japanese culture fun and relatable accessible to everyone in the room.

You definitely don’t want to miss out! 


December Wynn is a cosplayer and craftsperson based in Denver, Colorado.  They are one half of WCS Team USA 2022.

December specializes in fabric dyeing, painting, sewing and filmmaking. Other areas of interest include leatherwork, millinery, embroidery and sculpting. They have guest-lectured in crafts artisan techniques at conventions both domestically and abroad, as well as served as a guest-lecturer at the University level.

In addition to a cosplay career, December has worked professionally as a crafts artisan for five years, including time as a dedicated painter/dyer. They graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with BFA in Theatre Design and Technologies and a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in painting.


December Wynn Cosplay Social Media:

Instagram: @dreamy_december

Youtube: @dreamy_december

Twitter: @DecemberWynn 


Anime Layer Cosplay is an award winning cosplayer from Minnesota who is best known for her Sakizo and CLAMP cosplays. She has 20 years of cosplay experience and over 10 years of competition experience. With the focus of pushing her designs to their limits and always looking to gain new skills, she is forever in con-crunch. She also loves to share her passion and knowledge of cosplay with others.

Recent Cosplay Awards: 


2019 – Anime Central: Friday Hall Contest Best in Show 
2020 – Katsucon: Best in Show 
2022 – Katsucon: Best in show
2022 – NDK: Best Master Craftsmanship
2023 – NDK: Best in Show


Pannon (The Pannonator’s Pan-Tastic Cosplays) has been cosplaying since 2001. Over the past 23 years, she’s refined her craft and competed all over the United States and abroad. Pannon has won over 60 awards nationwide and represented the US twice in international competitions. First in 2014 as part of the World Cosplay Summit, and again in 2017 for The Netherlands’ C4 competition.

Though she still competes in the international circuit, Pannon has also judged for over 30 contests, returning as an Alumni Judge for the World Cosplay Summit, as well as several national cosplay contests. She has made everything from mascots for pro sports teams like the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bulls, to red-carpet and Fashion Week looks worn around the world.

She loves sharing her knowledge and positivity with the cosplay community and runs a cosplay advice podcast together with her co-hosts(VFire and CrestSphinx), “Cosplay Stitch and Seam.”


HeatherAfter Cosplay is an artist, model and longtime cosplayer. A part of the convention scene since 1996, Heather quickly won her way to becoming a Master cosplayer. 

By 2000 she had achieved Professional status. Sony Entertainment‘s video game department, MarvelImage ComicsZiff DavisAmazon, and Google are just a few of the companies Heather has worked with. She has made over 300 cosplays to date, and her cosplay and artwork have appeared in numerous publications worldwide! 

Heather is honored to be featured as a cosplay judge, host and guest at conventions throughout the country, as well as represent various businesses and charity organizations. 

Visit her Facebook and Instagram accounts for daily updates, and be sure to check the NDK Art Academy Schedule for her popular make-and-take Craft Workshops!