Autograph Passes


Autograph Pass rules are changing for 2024! Please check back here closer to the convention for updated policies!

Autograph Session Rules

  1. You are allowed only ONE item to sign, per guest. If you have more than one item, return to the back of the line for each additional item.
  2. Please note that guests can charge for additional signatures, selfies, or prints at their autograph table.
  3. Bootleg items and Funko Pop figures are not allowed in the autograph lines. Ask a Staff member if you’re not sure.
  4. Please do not hug, glomp, kiss, or otherwise maul the guests. You may not offer the guests gifts, food, or anything else. You may be removed from the convention if you do either of these.

** These policies are enforced by NDK and not the guests. Asking the guests to bypass and ignore our policies may lead to ejection from the autograph area.