At NDK, Charity is Close to Our Heart!

Supporting charities relevant to our community is very important for both Nan Desu Kan and our parent organization, the Rocky Mountain Anime Association (RMAA). For over 20 years, NDK has featured a charity auction with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to a select organization.

The Charity Auction is located in Main Events, starting at 4:00pm Sunday of the convention. Our Guests and Charity Staff help us provide items that are hard to find and occasionally unique to our convention. We procure items year round and our dedicated Charity Staff are constantly working to find unique items for our attendees to bid on. We are always open to tangible donations year round, and we are grateful for any donations received.

Due to the incredible generosity of our attendees, NDK has donated well over $250,000 to date for various charities:

Maria Droste, Stop AAPI Hate, The Blue Bench, The Love Planet Foundation, Extra Life / Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals, Canine Companions for Independence , Denver Dumb Friends League, Colorado FIRST, Stomp out Bullying, Aurora Victim Relief Fund & American Heart Association, Japanese Red Cross for Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami Relief, We Heart Japan – Anime Industry Gives Back / Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) (Special Charity Event: NDK’s Rave 2 Save Japan), United Way Gulf Recovery Fund for Hurricane Katrina Relief, The Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC) 1999-2004, American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the American Diabetes Association and Child’s Play.

The Charity for NDK 2023 is the Maria Droste Counseling Center

From their website:

“Maria Droste Counseling Center is a Denver-based nonprofit mental health service organization comprised of mental health professionals, learners and volunteers who are passionate about community, learning, and service. Our uniquely sustainable model of traditional and co-located mental health counseling and clinical training is delivered in collaboration with a group of expert private clinicians.

We train the next generation of mental health therapists and provide mental health counseling services to Coloradans at our Center, via telehealth, and where people live and receive care. We serve individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including children and adolescents, older adults, survivors of domestic violence, and more.

Maria Droste Counseling Center is the collaboration of a non-profit organization and a group of independent practitioners in The Therapist Group, both with a passion for serving others. Building upon this power of community, the Maria Droste Board and MDCC Young Professionals Board support our organization’s growth with expertise, insight and creativity. Together, we provide access to mental health care for underserved populations and offer a training institute for psychotherapists.”

How to Donate

Do you have something you want to donate for our Charity Auction? Do you have gently used toys, plushies, wall scrolls or figurines just sitting in a closet? Or maybe you have anime model kits, games, dvd’s or even VHS tapes collecting dust that could use loving home? NDK is always accepting donations for use in future events!

We accept new and gently used donations during NDK at our charity item preview booth in the exhibitors hall the Friday and Saturday of the convention. If you have items you wish to donate throughout the year please contact us at and we can assist in making arrangements to mail items to us. Please be aware item donations are donated to NDK for use in future charity events, not necessarily for the current years charity. Also please be aware we cannot accept hentai / 18+ materials for use in charity events.

Donate Directly

Want to donate but can’t come to the auction or the Convention? Below are links to this year’s Charity partner, where you can make a direct donation:

Support & Donate


About NDK's Charity Auction

Our Charity Auction takes place Sunday afternoon at 4 PM, before closing ceremonies in Main Events. It is a live auction which means live bidding against other interested people. The auction process is really simple! Our announcer will explain the current item, and state a starting bid – if you are interested, raise your hand high so we can see you! Other people can add bids, slowly raising the price, or jump in with an even higher bid if they really want to win. Once the bidding is over and we have one bidder left, you’ve won! A Staff member will come to you with a Claim Ticket – showing you have won that item and confirming the winning bid amount.  You can then go over to the checkout and purchase your item right away, or you can wait till the end if you want to enjoy the auction or try and win multiple items.

We happily accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards. We do not provide bags, extra packaging or shipping, and items are sold as seen.