Please note: the introductions below were written by the artists themselves and have not been edited.

BottleCap Graphics

BottleCap Graphics is the home of designer Julie Hamilton and Sasha the studio cat. Julie has been working as a freelance graphic artist since 2008. Her eclectic background in fashion design, costuming and drafting has honed her eye for good design and fueled her passion for combining creativity and functionality. In addition to offering excellent graphic design services, BottleCap Graphics also produces a line of whimsical original art in the form of posters, mini prints, postcards, stickers, plushies and many other fine items.

Products: BottleCap Graphics produces a line of whimsical original art in the form of postcards, posters, plushies, keychains, stickers and magnets.


Chibi Works

Chibiworks caters to the young at heart. We love bringing out your inner child and provide you with adorable original jewelry, plushies and accessories. If you’re a Lolita, a cosplayer, a fan of Japanese culture or just like cute/kawaii things, we’ve got you covered!

Products: Stuffed animals, or as I call them, Patterbunnies. They are rabbit and cat plushies.



A hobbyist who is obsessed with crafts and anything cute. I change hobbies quite frequently and challenge myself in different mediums.

Products: amigurumi which is crocheted dolls.


Death Taffy

Death Taffy specializes in original works and fancrafts. There is a strong love for things “creepy-cute” and experimenting with new mediums. Death Taffy offers plushies, accessories, prints, jewelry and chibi badges.

Products: Monster Plushies, Critter Plushies, Bunny Plushie, Bat Plushie, Cat Ear Hairclips, Cat Tails, 4 Nation Necklaces, Cat/Bell Collars, Resin Cat Ears, Resin Antlers, Resin Unicorn Horns, Resin Goat Horns, Prints – 11×17 poster prints. Featuring original and fan-art. Many different designs. Vinyl Decals, Chibi Badges, “Bitey” Monster Plushie, Blob Monster Figures, Squid Plush, Buttons.


Filthy Commissions

Filthy Commissions has been designing clothing and costumes since 2004, and has won more than 40 awards nation wide for the craft. Working with cosplay, fashion, Asian-Ball-Jointed Dolls and plushies, there is a wide variety of quality product. Combined with artwork from each personal artist!

Products: Custom, hand made and designed fleece hoodies based on anime, video game, etc. characters. Stuffed bunny plushies with assorted faces. Artwork from multiple fandoms and original designs. Sculpy/glazed hand made charms. Possibly ABJD costumes and clothing hand made.


ink junk


Anime artist, mostly digital art using Clip Studio Paint and SAI. Enjoys drawing fan art and own characters, particularly male characters.


Traditional and digital artist, hobbyist and avid doodler. Favorite traditional tools are mechanical pencil, ink pens and watercolors. For digital, Photoshop CS4. Has a particular fondness for original characters.


Studio art major at CU Boulder. Art is mainly traditional using copic markers, pencil, and ink. Does some digital art on Photoshop. Draws animals and humans with a fondness for fantasy and scifi creatures. Fan art includes things from various video games, anime, and movies.

Products: Prints





Functional art and just a little bit of everything else.

Products: Knitted Scarves, buttons, phone charms, polar fleece blankets, mini wall scrolls, badges, wallets, small plushie foxes and fish


Minky’s Crafts

I live in Dillon, Colorado with my fiance and two kitties. I work for Starbucks as my main source of income and make purses and art in my spare time. I use many different materials in my business to create my unique items. Sailor Moon is my primary focus because it was the first anime I had ever seen when I was 12 years old. I also enjoy cosplaying and make costumes when I can find the time.

Products: Duct Tape Purses and Wallets. Perler bead art.


Monroe’s Art Room

Just your average nerd looking for more ways to create pretty stuff whether it be drawing, accessorizing, or photography.

Products: Fan-Art Illustration, Costume Jewelry


PawStitch Crafts

My name is Sarah, I make fleece hats and cosplay accessories.

I make all my items from home and run a very successful Etsy shop.

Products: Fleece hats, buttons, prints, tails, headbands, hoods, rave collar, wrist gloves