Please note: the introductions below were written by the artists themselves and have not been edited.


A lot of times when people ask me if I am an artist, I would say no. I would usually answer with “I am just a guy who plays a lot of games and this kind of just happened.” Video Games helped me through the darkest times in my life and this is sort of my way of paying homage to them. I put a lot of time and effort into my works because each of these characters have influenced or inspired me to be a better person. My Hope is that my customers are able to see that and support me in my projects.

Products: essentially characters made of tiny perler beads that have been melted together to create a picture.


AA&A Artistries

Tiny Top Hats to instantly match your Cosplay and Fandoms!

Products: Tiny Top Hats to instantly match Cosplay and Fandoms.


Alice & the 3 Dark Kings

Alice & the 3 Dark Kings (A3DK) is a modest artisan boutique for jewelry design.

We love making pieces which incorporate a Victorian theme with elements from around the world, in metals, gemstones, crystal, resin, and vintage images.

Products: Vintage imagery, collage, tea and natural history jewelry


Bitten Designs

In 2011 I was given several skeins of yarn and used the excuse to finally learn how to make amigurumi and I’ve never looked back! I started creating custom dolls and started to experiment with polymer clay for accessories for the dolls which quickly evolved into a new love and form of expression. I love creating and always have a project in my purse in case of any spare time when I’m out and about. I love to create one of a kind pieces and enjoy making people smile whether it be with a doll that looks like them, geeky reference, or just something kawaii.

Products: Primarily I make amigurumi which are crocheted animals, dolls and food


Charming Little Fox Creations

Stephanie is a Colorado native and has always wanted to be a professional artist from a young age. She has dabbled in traditional drawing and sketching, watercolor painting, sewing, and finally sculpting and jewelry making with polymer clay. Her geeky side fuels her obsession with creating totally unique and fun items. Focusing mainly on gamer, anime, sci-fi, and fantasy themes, she draws inspiration and motivation from her husband and two nerdy kids.

Products: The primary artist (Stephanie) makes polymer clay charms for DS and cell phones, keychains, sculptures, and lots of different types of jewelry. Themes include mostly food, anime, and fantasy items. less focused themes include gamer and sci-fi. Assistant (Sarah) crochets cute little stuffed animals, and sews unique japanese fabric stuffed animals.



My name is Tiffany DonMoyer. I’m 24 years old from Colorado. I have been making these dragons for over six years now. My second language is Japanese. I enjoy mixing eastern culture with the west with both my dragons and tshirts.

Products: DRAGON ART DOLLS, JAPANESE THEME TSHIRTS: Many of our dragons are designed to sit on your shoulder or velcro around your neck! Our art dolls are fully wired so you can pose them and wrap many around your wrist, bags, purses. Each dragon is made from scratch, created one at a time.


Ghost Cat Jewelry

Ghost Cat Jewelry enjoys making handmade jewelry items from a mix of vintage, and modern parts. We specialize in items that are a great accent to any Steampunk, Neo Victorian, Alice, Lolita, corseted, or unisex cosplay costumes. Most of our necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, pocket watch chain fobs, hat pins and hair accessories, are one-of-a-kind, or short run items. Please take time to swing by our booth, or check out our online store.

Products: Handmade Jewelry and accessories, like Pendants/necklaces, Earrings, rings, bracelets, hair sticks/clips, pocket watch chains, brooches/pins, cufflinks. of my own design, using a mix of vintage and modern parts.



Keylime Fox Costumes and Props

Just-above-amateur local artist. Given time, will take commissions.

Products: Costume accessories, various animal ears and tails


Lair of Abraxas

locally owned, grew up in Colorado. We cater to the subculture and offer a new location coming January 2016 for tea lounge, vape lounge and emporium for geeks and alike to come play board games and relax.

Products: Chainmaille original pieces : bra/bikini, belts, shoulder armor. Jewelry- original pieces (necklaces, chokers, earrings)


Nellie’s Attic

Nellie’s Attic is a local mother/daughter team who enjoy working on small craft items and costumes.

Products: Small to medium animal bags. Bags range from small zippered cat, dog, etc purses to medium over the shoulder carry bags with pikachu faces.



I created PlatyMorph so that I could work and grow as an artist and maker of the magical, spirit-amplifying devices known as masks! As a shy, introverted person, I have always found masks to be protective armor that help me be as bold as the inner life I want to live. I want to share this opportunity with others with the masks I create!

Products: handmade leather masks and costume accent pieces. Themes include fantasy, woodland, gothic, steampunk superhero and anime as well as original designs.




Savage Embroidery

I make embroidered bags and pouches primarily for gaming and costuming, when I’m not buried in an Otome or farming game on my tablet.

Products: Machine embroidered velvet bags and pouches.


Star Shepherd Creations

Star Shepherd Creations: original, fandom, geeky, and steampunk-friendly jewelry and sculptures. Your jewelry should have meaning.

Products: Fandom/Steampunk/Original jewelry (hand-made to embody characters, shows, etc.), original/fandom miniature sculptures, original/steampunk/fandom paper flower hair ornaments/hat bands


The Item Shop

We are the Item Shop guys!

Products: Cosplay prop replicas of all kinds!