Please note: the introductions below were written by the artists themselves and have not been edited.


I am an illustrator from California.

Products: I sell prints of fan art and original characters I draw. I also do on the spot drawing commissions.



Hi I’m Black. I like drawing cute things and pretty boys.

Products: Double-sided custom made keychains, Phone charms, Posters, Postcards, Fan Comics


BlueDrink Studios

Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Maui, residing in Denver. Digs Old school Anime, MMA, Puroresu and other cool stuff

Products: 1117 art prints of original anime characters. original artwork pertaining to anime and Japanese Culture. other products may include original all ages comics. Commissioned Anime Portraits and drawings will also be offered.



Hello! I’m brownrabbits and I like food, emily and drawing, so I use my convention money to buy me a lot of snacks

Products: Posters


Bwillett Comics

Artist Bwillett has been a staple of NDK for the past few years and continues to reinvent herself. Specializing in anime-inspired art and original comics, Bwillett produces high end fan art prints, original art, chibi art and self-published stories that focus on pushing the boundaries of story, genre and characters. She currently has two original series: the all-ages magical girl series Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the full-color horror series Midnight Menagerie which are also available to read as webcomics on her site

Products: Original Manga and Comics (Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Midnight Menagerie), Original Art Prints, Fan Art Prints, Standee kits


Cheng ‘Lily’ Li

I am a designer and illustrator who likes anime and animals. I fell in love with Denver (the convention, people, nature, food, and more) when I went to NDK and look forward to visiting again!

Products: Watercolor and marker commissions; my original and fan art illustrations in the form of posters, prints, and stickers.



I’m a 25 year old artist that started off as a fashion student, but ended up drawing cute pokemon instead! I’ve been drawing these cuties for about three years now, and the joy they bring to me and others never ceases.

Products: PokeChibi prints, keychains, and cards



hello i am a pro gamer and pro artist!! just kidding. come say hi!!!

Products: 1117 prints of fanart / original, mylar 1.25″ drawn fanart buttons, laminated fanart keychain


Crystal McDowell and Laurissa Hughes

Bio: Crystal McDowell has been illustrating most of her life. She enjoys connecting with others through her art from a mutual love of fantasy, stories and video games. You can see her work at

Bio: Laurissa Hughes grew up drawing and never stopped. Her passion in story telling lead to a love of storyboarding and making comics. You can find more of her work at, and read her comics at and

Products: Art prints, Postcards, Shrinky Dink Charms, Plexiglass Light Displays, Labels, Coasters





Cypri Art

I am a full time freelance illustrator that works with both digital and traditional mediums. I aim to incorporate decorative and emotive style to my art work.

Products: I paint anime/game/movie illustrations in soft watercolor style and gold ink. I also provide on site ink and watercolor commissions as time and demand permits.


Danielle Sylvan Illustration

Danielle Sylvan and Lisa Taber are digital artists selling prints of their original and fan artwork.

Products: A collection of original and fan-art prints by Danielle Sylvan and Lisa Taber.



World famous picture drawers

Products: Prints, both fanart and original.


DragonLady Art / Little Wings Dragons

I am the Lady who paints Dragons. Why Dragons? They are one of the few truly universal icons and images of man kind. Every culture as far back as we can study have believed in Dragons. They meant different things to different peoples, but always they were there. Some created the universe and our world, some just multiple bodies of water that surround us, and others the mountains and landscapes we call home. Yet still others sought to destroy, and became Gods of chaos. Religion, philosophy, myth and even history all carry shadows of the Dragon. And in our days the dragon still has a firm grip on our waking and sleeping minds. Through the written word, movies, games and advertisements Dragons still fly though our imaginations and sing in our hearts.

People ask my often if i see the dragons that I put bring into the world. I do, I see them everywhere. From the movies that I watch to the books that I read. They are always there, watching us. They have just taken a different form

I am Carla Morrow, owner and artist of DragonLady Art studio. Using pencil and watercolor I create the images and worlds that exist in my mind, and bring them to the light so that others may share and enjoy the dragons and other creatures that I see. I have been drawing and coloring for as long as I can remember, and have always been interested in the worlds and creatures that occupy the fantasy realms. While other children were eating their crayons, I was putting mine to the walls, and while they were out playing in their yards and streets I was perfectly happy to sit alone for hours and drawnot much has changed.

Products: Original dragon watercolors, limited edition prints, open edition prints.



Dreamgear Studios

I am a freelance artist and owner of Dreamgear Studios. Born and raised in Manhattan New York City for most of my life but I currently live in Lincoln Nebraska. When I’m not on the road hitting the conventions, I’m at home working on my self publish comic book Ash to Ashes and a variety of art commissions for clients all over the United States.

Products: Original comic book Ash to Ashes, fan art, on spot commissions and original artwork.


Eastern Downpour

One stop shopping for many series! Includes stickers, buttons, and more!!

Products: Prints: 1117 and 46 sizes, Acrylic Charms: Various sizes, all printed on acrylic, Buttons/Pins: 1.5″ buttons, Pencil/Cosmetic Bags: 8″x5″ bags, Stickers: 8″x10″, 4″x10″, and 4″x6″-ish sticker sheets


Elise Trinh

I am a Canadian artist living on the West Coast currently working in game art. I love to paint in my spare time 🙂

Products: I have a variety of original and frank prints in 1218 and 8.511 sizes done in digital and traditional medias.



Grace Fong is a jack-of-all-trades from Los Angeles, CA capable of drawing, programming, and managing all on a professional level. She manages her own online- and convention-based, freelance business and has worked in technical roles in the animation and video game industry. She loves fantasy stories, travel, and animals.

Products: Art Prints, Commissions, Art Books


Finni Chang

I’m an illustrator who loves cute bunnies and games. Come by and say hello!

Products: 1218″ poster prints, Buttons (pin back), Art books



Hello! We are a duo of twin artists based in Denver, CO. One half is Gaby and the other half is Alex and together we are: Galaxy! We specialize in Illustration and Animation.

Products: Prints ranging from postcard to 11by14 in size. Pencil bags and buttons both small and medium. We will also be taking on site commissions.



KaiJu is a two-headed monster with a passion for creating worlds rather than destroying them.

The creature was created by infusing the creative efforts of Kate Rhodes, a cartoonist, and Jennifer Xu, an animator, who both have a passion for comics. Rhodes and Xu graduated from SVA in their respective majors and worked for companies such as Straight Up Films for stage design, Skynamic Studios for concept art, and Golden Pine Forest for anime backgrounds. KaiJu are part of Pigtail Studio.

KaiJu has completed “The Ring of Saturn”, a 70 page b/w comic for Chromatic Press and is currently working on another title called, “Mahou Josei Chimaka”.

Products: Historical fiction original comic book, “The Ring of Saturn”. Magical girl parody original comic book, “Mahou Josei Chimaka”. Sci-fi action original comic book, “Ponzi”. Original watercolor and digital prints. Digital Fanart Prints.


Kamakru Art & Rin Avenue

Hi! I’m Katie, artist of “Kamakru Art” fantasy and fine art illustration. I love to draw epic dragons, elegant angels and fantasy creatures of all kinds. That’s not all though, because I still have a love for the fine art side of things. Any day I get my watercolors out is a good day! I also work with my lovely copic markers which has brought to life all kinds of cute and fluffy animals as well.

Seated next to me is my art partner in crime, Rin Avenue! Rin brings an excellent balance to my dragon-tendencies. With a painterly style she brings to life all sorts of characters and monsters even the dark ones! Rin pushes her use of color to tell a story in each illustration.

Overall, we are both illustrators who just love to create!

Products: Art Prints and posters are main products (90%)




Hi! I go by Kanekiru or just Kane online. I’m a young digital artist who likes to spend her free time scribbling on my tablet. In the future, I hope that drawing can be a part of my career.

Products: Gloss/matte poster prints come in sizes 8.511, 1117, 1114



Kokotensho will be selling Prints/Postcards, Buttons, Stickers and Charms and other various items featuring cute characters and fandoms like Touken ranbu, Vocaloid, Fire emblem, Love live, Binan Koukou,Tokyo ghoul and more! They will also be taking traditional commissions for fanart and original characters for you to take home!

Products: 8.5 x 11 Prints and 4 x 6 Postcards, 5 x 3 Stickers, 1.5″ Buttons, 1.5″ Charms/cell phone straps, Traditional commissions Chibi and bust/halfbody


Lagproof Items

I’ve been drawing for about 15 years and watching anime and playing games for just as long. Back in around 2009 I drew mostly anthro art, but have since expanded. A little over a year ago I became interested in selling art/making things, and I found that buttons were a perfect way to do both. I’ve started expanding into stickers and phone charms as well! Also, I am very cute.

Products: 1.5″ Pinback Buttons. 1″ Plastic Phone Charms. 2.5″ Glossy Character Stickers. 46 Full Color Print Postcards.



Hello, I am Bing, a kpop and art enthusiast and I make lots of kpop fanart merch with my own original twist!

Products: Kpop (korean pop music) and anime/manga fanart illustration prints, kpop keychains and charms, artbooks (original)


Mallory Hart Art

I am a local artist located in Lakewood, Colorado. Although watercolor is my main medium, I am also well known for my Litemares, the anglerfish night lights.

Products: Original artwork consists of watercolor paintings and drawings that are framed, wall hanging sculptures, handmade jewelry.


Marcotte Studios

I’m an illustrator who enjoys making art of the anime, games, & comics that I enjoy. Learning new things and improving are part of what makes drawing fun for me.

Products: 1117 Prints & Stickers of Anime/Game/Comic characters. I also offer commissions.


Microcomet Illustrations

I am a Colorado based Illustrator. I love dragons, pokemon, cute things, and food! I enjoy wearing lolita fashion as well, and I’m more than fine chatting about it!

Products: Digital Art Prints, Acrylic Keychains, Cosmetic Bags/Wallets, Sticker Sheets, Holographic Diecut Stickers



My name is Miooo,

Im a happy artist+gamer+semi cos player : ) This is my second time attend Nan Desu Kan, I had super good time here last year. Welcome everyone come to me to see and enjoy my art works again.

Thank you : )

Products: Poster/Prints/post card/Stickers/Key Chain and charms/Gaming mats



I am a professional tutorial book artist for SEARCH press and have been creating primarily work with copic markers as well as digital and selling in cons for over 5 years.

Products: 1117″ prints, 46″ prints, yaoi doujinshi, anthology doujinshi, acrylic cell phone charms, 1 3/4th” buttons, prism broken glass double sided bookmarks, mainly otome game fanart (diabolik lovers, kamigami no asobi, hakuouki etc.)


Missy Pena

My name is Missy, also known as Zimmay, and I am a freelance artist based in Southern California. I love bunnies, comics, and tabletop gaming, and I live in a big green sweater when it’s not too hot out.

Products: Illustration art prints, hand designed bags.


Moon Ghost Creatives

Self taught digital artist with four years of animation. Sells prints, stamps, and keychains.

Products: Prints of traditionally and digitally crafted fan art. Each piece is printed on 100% cotton fine-art paper using archival inks.


NativEye Creations

I am a self-employed artist who enjoys creating artwork from my imagination. With the influence of others and the world, my work is imaginative, exciting, and expressive. I like new challenges and enjoy a big project. My main focuses are narrative illustrations in sci-fi and avatar like worlds. I am a game master for my own Role Playing game called Hoopla Universe and I am the creator of a comic called Man Friends Forever.

Products: Custom Badges, Commissions, and Prints



Nayuki Illustration

I am a digital artist and work in Photoshop to create my pieces. I enjoy challenging myself by drawing different characters in dynamic and interesting poses from various perspectives. I work as a freelance illustrator, and have majored in animation.

Products: 1218 borderless glossy prints of my fanart and original artworks. I work digitally in Photoshop to create my pieces from start to finish (sketch, lineart, painting). I also carry 8.511 versions of my 1218 artworks.



Hello! I’m smiliees. This will be my first year attending NDK artists alley. I’m really excited to meet everyone, please stop by to say hi!

Products: All of my work is original and fanart. I will be offering buttons, prints, memo pads, bookmarks, charms, washi tape and stickers.


Plot Bunny Studios

Plot Bunny Studios is a small art business that appears at conventions and sells art prints, stickers, and custom artwork. We specialize in watercolor paintings and super cute art.

Hi, my name is EIlonwy. I am the owner and artist of Plot Bunny Studios. I paint a lot of super cute stuff and I love anime.

Products: Art Prints of watercolor paintings sizes: 46, 57, and 1117, Printed Vinyl Stickers, Custom Art Commissions (pencil, and ink)


Ponies vs. Zombies: Caricatures by Stan Yan

I am a professional freelance cartoonist, caricature artist and instructor. My work has been seen in the Westword, Vincent Price Presents, Show Devils, among others. I have just begun to tap into the children’s book market too.

Products: Pony and zombie caricature commissions


Rtil / Channel*Sqaure

Jenna Smith and Ryan Miller are both published and award winning illustrators, animators and production artists.

Jenna has worked on a number of xBox 360 Kinect game projects, animated shorts and is currently writing a children’s book.

Ryan has worked on a number of noteworthy animation and game projects for Nickelodeon, Disney and Lab Zero Games (Skullgirls).

Jenna and Ryan live in Bellevue, WA.

Products: A mix of fanart and original illustrative prints, bookmarks, keychains, buttons & stickers



Sage of Winds

Heya! I’m Sage of Winds, and I’ve been a freelancer and convention seller for the past several years. I’ll be selling 11″x17″ prints, 5″x7″ mini prints, buttons, and a fan comic book featuring The Legend of Zelda! I also have on site sketches and commissions available online.

Products: 11″x17″ Prints- Fan Art and original art, 5″x7″ Prints- Fan Art, 1.25″ buttons (individual and 1sets)- Fan Art, 40 paged Zelda fan comic


Sarah Menzel

Quite a while back, NDK was the first convention I applied to be in the artist alley for. I really learned a lot at that convention, and it gave me the confidence to pursue a career in art after high school. Now that I’m living in CO again as a freelance illustrator/game artist, I would love the chance to be a part of NDK again. I only sell original art at this point, and even so it seems to resonate with people. I really hope that you can see the love and care I put into each piece, and I hope to make it in this year!

Products: original art prints on matte paper in 3 sizes: 11″ x 17″, 8.5″ x 11″, and 6″ x 4″, displayed on chip board and wrapped in clear plastic.


Sariochan Arts

Hi! My name is Sarin Tatroe of Sariochan Arts. I’m a local freelance artist. My style is mostly an anime/manga inspired realism, although I also paint and draw in a completely realistic style. I’m a traditional artist and pretty much self taught. I do fan

art and original pieces in a variety of mediums. I primarily sell prints, bookmarks, ACEOs (artist trading cards) and do anime-styled to realistic portraits. I would be happy to discuss commission pieces as well. Please come on by, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. =^~^=

Products: art and bookmarks



Small time indie video game concept artist who also freelances and visits cons on the side. At cons she loves to sell video game inspired art as well as her original work on prints and charms!

Products: Prints, Charms.


Smudgeandfrank Art

My name is Alexandra Miller, I am 22 years old, and I have been an artist for 14 years working primarily in illustration and cartooning. I started to participate in artist alleys 3 years ago and found that there is nothing more fun than making art to share with fellow fans and con goers. Through my business, Smudgeandfrank Art, I sell prints, stickers, and commissions. I have attended NDK for 5 years and every time this convention has been one of the highlights of my year.

Products: Original artwork prints, stickers, and commissions.



Speaker on the Wall Studio

Denise Schroeder is a Denver local who has been drawing in a manga-inspired style for over fifteen years. She attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design for 3 years before pursuing a career in comics. She is the creator of Sparkler Monthly’s Before You Go, and runs several webcomics on Smack Jeeves.

Products: Art prints in 4″x6″, 8″x10″, and 11″x14″ (up to 17″) sizes, and self-published comic books, both issue and trade. All 16+ products will be clearly marked and displayed in a separate portfolio.



Mari is a freelance artist that enjoys drawing cute and beautiful things.

Products: Prints, stickers, lanyards, acrylic charms, and artbooks based on popular manga/anime series; as well as original character artwork.


Studio TipTop

Studio TipTop is a collaborative, traditional-medium art studio duo reigning from Kansas, which consists of K and T, the line artist and colourist, respectively. They carry a variety of products including stickers, buttons, acrylic charms, prints, bookmarks and commissions, which they are happy to complete on-site for you!

Products: On-SITE COMMISSIONS, laser cut acrylic charms, stickers, prints, bookmarks, badges


Susan Leigh Illustration

Mother of all ships. Come, my children.

Products: pillow cases with my own designs printed on, posters of both original and fan art, phone charms designed and assembled by myself, on-site commissions



Hey 🙂 I’m a girl who’s in her junior year of high school. I love everything from science to art to metal music, snowboarding, and of course anime! I’m bubbly and pretty easy to get along with

Products: Digital paintings created with Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. Depict anime characters from Blue Exorcist to Totoro to Code Geass. Prints range from 118.5 inches to 1812 inches.



Freelance illustrator from Canada. Graduate from Sheridan College animation program. I draw a lot.. 🙂

Products: Art prints 12×18″, 8.5×11″ Fanart and original digital illustrations. 1″ handmade pinback buttons.