Below are the most common questions for Artists Alley.  Please read all the way through before emailing us with a question.  You can also check out the Artists Alley FB page to ask questions, meet other artists, and show off your work.

Q: When is registration for Artists Alley?

A: Registration is February 12th through March 5th.


Q: Where do we find the registration form?

A:  Here.


Q: Is getting a table first come first serve?

A: No, see our official rules for details.


Q: How much does a table cost?

A: $40.00 for half a table, $75.00 for table, $115.00 for a table and a half, and $150 for two tables.


Q: Will paying for the table replace my registration fee?

A: No. Paying for the table buys you the space and privilege to set up in Artists Alley for the convention weekend. You still need to be a paid or pre-registered attendee to get into the con!


Q: When do you pay for your table or space in Artists Alley?

A: You do not pay for your table or space in Artist Alley until the contracts are emailed to you. The date for contract mailing is TBD. You will fill out the contract and mail it in with your payment before 6/7/17; if you fail to do so your space will be given to someone on the waiting list.


Q: When do we have to be pre-registered for Nan Desu Kan?

A: This question has come up a lot, you do NOT have to be pre-registered to sign up for a spot in Artists Alley. However, if you win a table you have to be pre-registered before April 19th or you will lose your spot.


Q: I have more than one person selling stuff in my group, do we sign up and/or pay separately?

A: For each group regardless of how many persons there are, you must sign up together and pay with a single check. Your group members can pay the person who signs up when they get the contract and that person can send in a check for the full amount. All group members must also get their products approved at sign up in order to be able to sell them.


Q: I have friends that will be watching our table from time to time, do they have to sign up if they are not selling anything?

A: No your table watchers do not have to be signed up, however it is your responsibility for anything that happens while they are at your table. They must have an attendee badge for the con. Please provide their name and order number so we can set their badge aside with yours.


Q: If there is a table that is left open at some point during the convention, can I set my stuff up or move from my current table to the empty one?

A: No. If you attempt to do so you will have your badge punched and could get banned for life from AA. Or in extreme cases, you could be removed from the convention premises altogether. Tables are assigned before the convention, and some of the empty tables may belong to Guests of Honor who may be away running panels or hosting events. We have a procedure to fill empty spaces, and if we move someone you will be contacted directly by the AA Area Head.


Q: I have a friend who is on the wait-list and I know I’ll have some open space at my table during the convention, can they use that space?

A: If you have space that you aren’t going to use please ask for a smaller space. You cannot add friends from the waitlist to your group. If it is a new member to your already existing group then contact us ASAP so that it can be discussed in private before the convention. They will need to have their products approved before they are given the go ahead.

Note: Artists who miss the signup window cannot be added to any existing group. Sorry, we’re doing this to be fair to the artists on the wait-list.


Q: For the lottery if I don’t get a space in the group I applied for can I be put in the next group down to try again? (aka single table to half table)

A: No, once you send in your application you are stuck in that group for the lottery. You may however downsize your space at any time once you win it. Be aware that once you downsize your space you will not be able to get the larger space back.


Q: How are wait-list artists chosen?

A: Unless it’s a large group or several spaces come open at once, all spaces will be divided into half table spaces and a lottery will include single and half table applicants. However, right before pre reg closes (in mid-August) there is a greater chance for more single table space.


Q: What are the hours for Artists Alley?

A: Friday 9/2: 12 noon to 10 p.m. (opens at 9 a.m. for setup)

Saturday 9/3: 10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (9 a.m. for setup)

Sunday 9/4: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (9 a.m. for setup)

Artists will be chased out of AA after 10 p.m. if they are still there.   ^_^


Q: Can I sell some kind of food or drink product that I made myself?

A: Sorry, no. This is hotel policy, no food or drink can be sold in AA.


Q: Can I sell items I did not make myself and/or are officially released merchandise?

A: No, all items sold at your table must be made by your or your group. Selling items not approved, or belonging to someone else without approval or consent from both the maker and the Artists Alley Area Head, will get you and your entire group in trouble. Please note that there are special exceptions for collaborative work as well as Active Military; see the official rules for full details.

 Note: Guest Artists are allowed to have agents, anyone else found acting as someone’s agent without special permission and product approval will be banned.

 Note: Make sure to check the allowed and not allowed page to avoid getting disqualified, if one member signs up with something that will disqualify them then the entire group is out of the running, period.


Q: Can I use character or series names in my art or displays?

A: The name of a series and/or character CANNOT be included in any piece of art (of any kind), on any display, or any packaging; this goes for both English and Japanese. No art or packaging containing these names can be sold in Artists Alley, you will be asked once to remove them. The same goes for using said names on a display, you will be asked to change the display. Continued use could result in a lifetime ban.


Q: Is taking pictures allowed in AA?

A: In general this answer is no unless you have a press badge, and asked permission from the table occupants. If you want to take a picture of a passing cosplayer, we ask that you do so outside of the AA area. AA staff will be enforcing this rule, and please inform us if you see anyone breaking it.

There are 2 exceptions to this rule: 1) those in AA may take pictures of their own tables and work,  2) Artists doing caricatures may take a no-flash picture of the person making the commission.


Q: What do warning and being banned mean?

A: Warnings are just that, warnings. It means you are breaking a rule. Three warnings will result in a one year ban. Breaking some of the more serious rules, breaking enough rules to warrant more than a year ban, or not showing up at all without an explanation, results in every member of said group being banned from selling in AA for life.

Note: Warnings are pretty rare since everyone usually does a good job following the rules. Banning, even a year ban, is rarer still. Most of those banned are those that never show up to claim their table space at the con and never make contact again.


Q: Can you tell me where my spot is before the con and/or release a map of AA?

A: Sorry, no. You will have to wait until check in to find out what table you are at, the general map is always posted so you can request an area during sign up.

 Note: requesting extra space, power, extra chairs, or placement in a certain area or next to someone does not guarantee that you will get it.  We only have so many areas certain requests can be filled and they go fast. All tables are assigned and cannot be changed.


Q: Can I leave my stuff out all weekend after setting up on Friday?

A: You can leave your displays up and/or on the table but you will have to take your products with you when you leave every night and set up again in the mornings. Artists Alley is in and open area, and cannot be secured like the Dealers Room. We suggest packing your products in containers and such that are easy to transport.

Q: Can my group apply more than once if different members apply so that if one doesn’t get in we can share and if all get in we can have space next to each other?

A: No, doing so will get you disqualified.


Q: Does Artists Alley provide Wifi?

A: No, AA does not provide Wifi. Please be aware that phone signal can be spotty at times (considering our location is underground), so please plan accordingly. We suggest talking to the hotel about purchasing access to their wifi if you need it.