Tables will be assigned on a Lottery, and not a first come-first served basis. If you are receive a table in the lottery, these rules apply to you.


Setup Time:

Friday 8AM – 3PM

Breakdown Time: Sunday 4:00PM

(Please contact us if interested in a Thursday setup)



  1. All table spaces are 6 x 4 and you will need to bring your own tablecloth. Each table comes with two chairs. If you need more please request it in the application. Artists or groups are limited to 2 tables.


  1. Electricity, and phone services are not included with the initial table cost, you must purchase these at least a month in advance through the hotel.


  1. All artists and helpers must have a badge, if you need more than what is covered in your table cost it must be bought separately. Badges must be worn at all times.


  1. Artist Alley tables are only available to artists displaying or selling original artwork, fan art, original comic, doujinshi, and fanzines. The sale of videos and software, i.e. mass produced resale items etc., is not allowed from an Artists Alley table. The Artist Alley Area Head reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any merchandise or service that they feel is inappropriate.


  1. Artists must check in to the Artist Alley with government-issued photo IDs and their con badge. The name on the photo ID must match the name on the artist application. Any artist unable to produce a valid photo ID by 10am on Saturday will lose their table.


  1. The person who applied for the table must be the one to check in with AA staff. All group members should also stop at the table when they arrive at the convention.


  1. Sales tax licenses are required, the information will be included when contracts go out. Please provide a copy of the license before you check in on site. Apply early cause it can take weeks to get the license in the mail.


  1. Stolen or plagiarized work is strictly forbidden. All work must be entirely your own. Copying and attempting to sell any existing official or fan art, regardless of what medium it is copied into, is recognized as theft by the state of Colorado. Copying existing art and drawing in a different background or different colors is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. Artists are expected to sell their own art. This includes any and all art on buttons, badges, keychains, jewelry, and all other crafts. Any artists found to be plagiarizing will be asked ONCE to remove their copied artworks. Further violations will result in a ban. Art theft in the Artist Alley is akin to bootlegs in the Dealers Room, and will not be tolerated.

 Note: The use of fabric with official/character artwork like you can find at a fabric store under licensed material or can have printed onto a material falls under this rule and using it will result in disqualification.


  1. Artists are also not allowed to sell any kind of art or product with any kind of official logo.


  1. Products released officially either in the US or Japan cannot be sold in Artists Alley, the same goes for completed works done by someone else and bought by you. We want work from you, not someone else.


  1. Food and/or drink cannot be sold in Artists Alley.


  1. There is a strict 18+ rule in Artist Alley. We take this rule very seriously, and violating this rule will have serious consequences. Prohibited 18+ materials include: any kind of pornography or otherwise excessive sexuality (hentai, yaoi, yuri,) excessive gore, or excessive violence. If you are found to be carrying any sort of 18+ material, you will be warned to put it away. Further violations will result in a ban. The acceptability of any product is the sole discretion of the Artist Alley Area Head.

 Note: during applications 18+ applications will be separated out for the curtained off 18+ section lottery.


  1. There is a strict PG-13 rule in the Artist Alley. Artists are allowed to bring PG-13 material, but due to the increasing family-friendly nature of the convention, it may not be openly displayed. Suggestive images, mild fanservice, artistic nudity, and the like, must be placed in closed binders or otherwise be hidden from public view. If you are found displaying any sort of PG-13 art, you will be warned to take it down. If you persist in openly displaying PG-13 art, or in allowing younger people to see it, you will be warned again; further violations will result in a ban. If you have any questions about an image please ask with plenty of prior notice to the convention. The acceptability of any product is the sole discretion of the Artist Alley Area Head.


  1. We have a number of people apply to sell the same type of items every year and we strive for variety in Artist Alley. If you are told that you cannot sell an item, please respect our request. The same goes for adding new items; if you want to sell something new then you have to get it approved beforehand. Having items on your table that has not been approved before the convention will result in a warning, and you could be asked to put the product away. This restriction goes for contest winners as well as lottery winners.


  1. A note on helpers and adding/subtracting Artists to your table:  If you want to have someone join your table as an artist after registration is over, email the Artist Alley Area Head with samples and information. Additions will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have someone leave your group, just send a quick email notifying the Artist Alley Area Head. Adding people to sell without permission will result in all members being banned for a year. You can add helpers to watch your table without getting them approved, but they cannot sell any of their own products. All table members, occupants, and helpers are accountable for following the rules, no exceptions.


  1. Under most circumstances artists would be unable to sell items made by someone else. However as a special exemption to this rule, active military members may sign up with a group with prior permission. Please contact the Artists Alley Area Head for a special permission form. At signup put (active military) next to the group members name or you will be unable to apply for the form.

 Note: Special permission to sell another person’s work can also be gained in cases like a collaborative art book, or groups where a member is suddenly unable to make it due to a death in the family, injury, or illness, but these permissions must be approved before the con itself. Guest Artists are allowed to have agents, anyone else found selling products for someone not approved and/or not attending the convention will be banned.



  1. Inform the Artists Alley Area Head with any changes to product inventory, or additional product approval. (not every image, just product type or if you have a question on a new piece). The same goes for a business name change. You will need to inform us of the change for our Program Book, Guidebook and the NDK website; otherwise we will use the name on file.



  1. Artists are expected to be open and available at their tables for as long as possible during daylight hours. We expect you to be at your table by 10am on Saturday and Sunday at the very latest. If something comes up or you know you won’t be able to make it for one of the days, please contact the Artist Alley Area Head as soon as possible. 


  1. Artists who do not show by 10am on Saturday will have their space sold to other artists,and will not be welcome back. This is only for check in, not set up, if you checked in Friday you won’t lose your space because you set up at 10am, the Artists Alley Area head has internet on her phone so she can check for email messages if you need to contact her.

 Note: we will contact 1-2 artists from the last minute waitlist before the con to potentially fill in for a no show, please do NOT ask in person at con, the answer will be no.


  1. While we understand that the Artist Alley is a busy and noisy place, we require appropriate noise levels. No yelling, obscene language, or general horseplay will be allowed.


  1. Photography is not allowed in the Artist Alley. It is against our rules for you to take pictures of the prints and products for sale unless they are your own. It is also against the rules to photograph cosplayers in the Artist Alley, as it adds congestion to an already traffic-heavy area.


  1. Artists are free to arrange their table space as they see fit and may supply their own tables, racks and chairs at no additional cost, remember though that space is limited, if it moves into another artists space or the walk through gaps you will not be able to use it. NDK reserves the right to approve the setup including TVs, speakers, tables, etc. Also, staff is allowed to restrict what can be heard and viewed outside of your area.


  1. You will be ultimately responsible for your goods and staff as specified in the contract. Artists will be responsible for clearing their table areas at the close of each business day, please throw away all your trash before you leave each night.


  1. During AA sign up you can only apply once, if as a group you each apply and list the others as co applicant you will be disqualified. Check with your group to make sure you only apply once.

 Note: This does not count if you accidentally submit the same application more than once.


  1. AI art is not allowed in any form, use will get you banned.


  1. Applications without a website or social media page will not be considered.


  1. Unless noted in your application we will consider items on your website items you wish to sell, this could get you disqualified if its against the rules, moved to the 18+ section, or placed in a different category.