Applying for NDK Press Passes:  

Our press policy has changed. Please take a moment to look it over.

Press Passes are available to qualified members of the media covering Nan Desu Kan.

  • A press pass gives you access to the entire convention
  • A press pass grants preferred seating in Main Events for larger activities
  • A photo ID must be presented to obtain your press pass at the convention
  • Press Passes are non-transferable
  • Press passes will not be mailed

Registration Criteria

To qualify for an NDK Press Pass, you need to be a media outlet with some history of coverage, or wide regional readership/viewership.  In our application, we require that you give us examples of previous coverage and readership.

You can also present any kind of proof that you are part of a nationally recognized media outlet. This can be in the form of a business card, company letterhead, union credentials, membership in the IFJ, a video clip from a news broadcast or a copy of by-lined article published within the past 6 months.

You do not qualify for a press pass if you are:

  • A publisher
  • A sales representative
  • Any other non-journalist
  • A freelance photographer not affiliated with a recognized press outlet
  • A photographer who sells photos, prints etc. for profit.


Our Responsibility to the Press

As your story becomes part of our story, we pledge to represent your work as you intended it: in its entirety, without taking it out of context. You will retain all proper credit.


Press Responsibility

As a member of the Press, you are an essential part of the NDK story. We ask that you submit a copy of any coverage to for archival, records, and to be added to future NDK Press Emails.


Press Table and Press Pass Pickup

All Press members must check in at the Press table located in front of the Press room on the 1st (basement level) of the convention center just down the escalators from the main convention floor.  Press members must wear their press passes at all times. The Press table will be staffed throughout the convention to assist you with any questions you may have.


Failure to follow Procedure or Policy

In the case of a press outlet failing to provide coverage, or breaking NDK policy, NDK reserves the right to revoke Press Passes on an immediate and permanent basis. Press Passes remain the property of the Rocky Mountain Anime Association, and must be surrendered to any NDK Staff member upon request.


Press Application Form

By submitting the Press application, you acknowledge you have read this entire page and fully understand the details described herein. NDK Staff reserves the right, upon review of Press Pass applications, to refuse any potential media representative, and to refuse admission, for any reason.

By submitting a request for a Press Pass, the submitter grants Nan Desu Kan the right to use their name, likeness, and photo, as well as the name and logo of their organization, etc, for promotional purposes.